Friday, August 31, 2012

Bad News. Good News.

From the desk of Steve Rainey, Flint RiverQuarium Canoe Guide

Anyone who has participated in the RiverQuarium canoe trips is familiar with the

boat ramp at the North Mitchell Park, formerly known as Punk’s. It’s commonly referred

to by all users of the river as “that really steep boat ramp”! Well, the good news is that

the Georgia Department of Natural Resources recognized the inconvenience of “that

really steep boat ramp” and has set about to rectify the situation. A couple of weeks ago

work began to lower the ramp. I stopped by recently and watched as a big Cat D-6

pushed massive amounts of sand from the bottom to the top of the hill. Just estimating,

I’d say the level of the ramp at the top of the hill was already a good ten to twelve feet

lower than it was originally.

Johnny Singletary at the Flint River Outpost said he had been told that in two to

three weeks they would begin pouring cement. Can you imagine--no more Thrill Hill to

back down with the distinct possibility that you, your vehicle and boat trailer could

easily disappear over the edge? To that I say W-H-E-W!

The bad news, of course, is that with all the construction going on, the ramp has

to be closed to boat traffic until the work is completed. How long will that be? Two or

three months, depending on the tropical storm season. Worse yet, we are in the

middle of our canoe trip schedule and were faced with having to cancel the rest of the trips.

Just upstream lies the Georgia Power Company boat ramp at Plant Mitchell. This

ramp has been closed to the public for several years due to the twin evils of abuse (read

littering) and liability. But in an attempt to salvage our canoe trips, I stopped by to

inquire as to whether or not they would let us use their ramp to take out. I wound up

talking to Plant Manager Steve Greene. We discussed the twin evils and Georgia Power’s

reluctance to open the gate to public use of their ramp. In other words, the short

answer was no. But Steve said, “Let me make a call.”

The next day, Steve called and said we could indeed use the ramp for the take

out for the remainder of our canoe trips! I thanked him profusely and then inquired as

to what he had to say to the powers-that-be to convince them to let us use the ramp.

He said, “Because it’s the RiverQuarium” and went on to explain that they have

other ties to the facility.

The whole reason for writing this is to publically acknowledge Georgia Power’s

community involvement, their interest in the continued success of the RiverQuarium,

and their participation in the education of local citizens about our valuable natural

resource the Flint River. Thank you, Steve Greene, and thank you, Georgia Power


Friday, June 22, 2012

Wet, Wild and Out of this World!

From the desk of our special guest blogger Jenny Collins of the Albany Convention and Visitors Bureau 

Now until August 31, 2012 the Flint RiverQuarium, along with other Albany attractions – Albany
Civil Rights Institute, Albany Museum of Art, Chehaw, Radium Springs Gardens, Albany Welcome
Center and Thronateeska Heritage Center – are partnering together for the annual Wet, Wild, and
Out of this World Vacation Package.

Enjoy a one night stay and breakfast for four at any of the participating hotels and receive tickets
for four to the above mentioned local attractions.

Book your stay at one of these participating hotels:
Albany Hampton Inn, 229-883-3300, starting at $134
Wingate by Wyndham, 229-883-9800, Starting at $136
Best Western Albany Mall, 229-446-2001, starting at $125
Hilton Garden Inn, 229-888-1590, starting at $134
Country Inn & Suites, 229-317-7100, starting at $140
Comfort Suites, 229-888-3939, starting at $150
Merry Acres Inn, 229-435-7721, starting at $157

For more information, contact the Albany Welcome Center at 229.317.4760.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A New Day

From the desk of Wendy Bellacomo, Marketing Manager

Looks as if it's time to revive this blog! Unfortunately, it has taken a backseat to its other social media cousins--Facebook, Twitter and the new kid on the block, Pinterest. While each of these has its advantages, each one also has its limitations, namely the fact that we are not able to share lengthier posts with you. And, with so much going on here at the FRQ, sometimes we just need more words than Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest allow!

So, this summer, look for a new and rejuvenated Flint RiverQuarium blog. We will be sharing all of the activities going on here, as well as some cool behind-the-scenes stuff and some words from special guest bloggers. We would also love to hear from you. What would you like to know about the Flint RiverQuarium?